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Sustainable Cheese Making

Our whole goal is to ensure that people eat well and live well. Leaving a livable world to the next generation.

Our Quality Policy

Protecting human health is our primary duty.

For this reason, we are working with our employees to produce the best quality product. We carry out our production process with food safety guarantee in compliance with FSSC 22000 standards.

We guarantee sustainable food safety with our quality management system. We monitor our systems very well and comply with legal requirements. At every stage of our work, we take into account the needs and demands of our customers. In order to reduce the error to zero, we take care to do it right the first time.

Each employee is responsible for the quality processes of the product, so our employees participate in improvement projects and take responsibility for their work. With our half a century of experience, we constantly follow technological and international innovations closely and work to make our business better every day.

Protecting human health is our primary duty.
Our Environmental Policy

If nature disappears, no work is worth anything.

From the very beginning, we have adopted the principle of respecting our business, our consumers and the world. Because as long as it's not a livable world, there's no point. That's why we think about Earth at every stage of our business.

 We follow a sustainable environmental policy in every step we take; we are committed to complying with environmental legislation, current regulations, administrative regulations and international regulations that are appropriate for our sector. We implement sustainability programs by taking the necessary measures to reduce the use of natural resources and to use resources effectively.

We identify and control the elements that can lead to environmental pollution. At the same time, we prevent environmental pollution elements by carrying out continuous improvement works. In this sense, as one of our studies that we consider very valuable, we aim to prevent pollution at its source, segregate the wastes that may occur as a result of production at its source and contribute to recycling.

We have been recycling whey since 2001. Since 2005, we have been working for clean water in our wastewater treatment plant. We also want to set an example for all organizations in our sector. 

If nature disappears, no work is worth anything.
Our Energy Policy

Our energy sources are not infinite, but our sense of protection is.

Using the energy we have with maximum efficiency, we are working to protect both the future of our business and the future of the Earth. This is our understanding of sustainable production. 

We created the route of our work with the understanding of energy efficiency. In 2005, we started to produce electricity from natural gas and to work with Cogeneration technology, which enables the co-production of electricity and heat energy. We have been carrying out efforts to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions in our production facility for years and we are getting more and more efficiency.

By internalizing our understanding of sustainability in our corporate culture, we train our employees on energy efficiency, provide information frequently and ensure that all our employees reduce their energy consumption.

With the development of environmental awareness in recent years, studies on the use of efficient energy around the world have also increased. We support the purchase of designs, energy-efficient products and services that will improve energy performance by following all legal legislation and requirements in the field of energy. To ensure the continuity of our system, we constantly test our system and make updates when necessary. There's still a lot we can do. 

Our energy sources are not infinite, but our sense of protection is.
Social Responsibility

Bahçıvan Food Memorial Forest

We said that in order to leave a livable world to the next generations, we first need to appreciate what we have and we started the Bahçıvan Food Memorial Forest project. Our seedlings soon become forests.

We breathe in this forest that we established with our 10,000 seedlings in Kırklareli-Babaeski Çavuşköy and understand the value of life better.

Bahçıvan Food Memorial Forest