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Regional Cheese

Cheese Specific to Each Region

Each region has its own production style. The salt, the holding time, the fat ratio and the way it is processed become specialized according to the regions. All of our cheeses are made in accordance with local methods.

Our String Cheese is obtained before ripening after processing the milk. It has a low salt and soft consistency. It is also preferred by children with its soft consistency. It can be used in dishes such as cigarette pastry, omelette, kunafah.

Our Shallal Cheese is made from fatty milk. Its consistency is soft and the wire is easily separated.

Our Jeddal is boiled in 70-75 degrees water for 5 minutes, kneaded and knitted in the traditional way. It is ripe with brine and served in full flavour.

Our Halloumi Cheese is imported from Cyprus. It takes the flavour of cow's milk, blends with salt and is ready to be fried. While consuming, it is recommended to remove the salt by keeping it in hot water and to fry it by slicing it finely.



String Cheese

200 gr

Shallal Cheese

200 gr


200 gr

Halloumi Cheese

225 gr

The products do not contain gluten.

It goes well

material-item Dried Fig
material-item Green Grapes
material-item Fresh Sweet Basil