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History of Production

Center of Cheese

We have farmers who provide us with the most delicious milk right near our cheese production facility in Lüleburgaz. We support them with our training, we work with them for better milk.

In order to improve the quality and efficiency in milk, we support dairy farming and contribute to the development of farms with the special premium system. With our dairy farms specific training program, we aim to increase milk productivity and quality throughout the country. With our training courses, we provide information in the fields of increasing the bacteriological quality of milk, correct use and cleaning of milking equipment, composition of milk and quality milk criteria, cleaning of storage and transfer equipment.

We check the nutritional values and consistency of the milk we supply. Then, we cool and pasteurize it shortly.

This taste comes from Thrace.

In Lüleburgaz, we have a large facility consisting of 67.000 m2 open and 14.000 m2 closed area where approximately 300 people work. Producing all kinds of cheese, as Bahçıvan Gıda, we bring together many of our delicious, quality and nutritious products with cheese lovers in the nature of Thrace, from sliced white cheese to cottage cheese, from butter to mild cream cheese, from cream cheese to kashar cheese.


So is this technology.

Ultimately, we produce the main source of nutrients. For this reason, we work with the FSSC 22000 management system, which is accepted all over the world, to ensure the safety of food, and we carry out HACCP applications where we analyze the dangers that may arise in our products beforehand.

We designed the production hall and equipment in our factory in accordance with the good production practice (GMP) rules; using durable floor and hygienic drainage systems with easy-to-clean stainless steel. We have improved our cheese variety by following the latest technology in cheese production techniques as well as hygiene. Using ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and microfiltration technologies, we continue to improve our product range.

We use our energy and resources efficiently and export our products to 4 continents worldwide with sustainable production technology.


We research, develop.

In 2017, we started to work on the establishment of an R&D center specific to cheese production in our facility in Lüleburgaz.

Our R&D center started to operate in 2018 with the approval of the Ministry. In our center, we investigate the texture, aroma and taste of cheeses. We can say that we do cheese science with our sensory, physical, chemical, instrumental and microbiology laboratories.

Soon, we plan to open up to the world with new flavours and new cheese varieties and to be the pioneer of new flavours.