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Lactose-free Cheese

New Form of Flavour

Lactose is a natural milk sugar found in milk and milk products. In order for lactose to be digested by the human body, the body must secrete the lactase enzyme. If there is not enough lactase enzyme in the body, it means that the consumer is lactose intolerant.

 Lactose intolerance occurs when lactose in milk cannot be digested by the human body. Consumers with lactose intolerance may experience health problems such as abdominal distension, abdominal pain, gas and nausea throughout the digestive system when they consume milk and milk products. The severity of symptoms depends on the amount of lactose consumed and how much lactose the person can tolerate. Symptoms begin to manifest between half an hour and 2 hours after the consumption of milk and dairy products.

Consumers with lactose intolerance should consume lactose-reduced or lactose-free milk and dairy products in order not to experience the health problems mentioned above. The use of lactose-free milk and milk products relaxes the digestive system of your lactose intolerant consumers.

In lactose-free milk and milk products, it is decomposed into simple components of milk sugar (lactose), namely glucose and galactose. The lactose in the milk used in the production of lactose-free cheese is broken down into glucose and galactose, which are the building blocks, with the lactase enzyme added during the filling of the milk into the tank or boat.

Lactose-free milk and dairy products help people who cannot digest lactose in milk and cannot consume milk because they experience swelling, pain, gas and nausea when drinking milk.

As Bahçıvan Gıda, we expand its product range day by day by pioneering the production of lactose-free dairy products so that our lactose intolerant consumers can use milk and dairy products without health problems.


Lactose-free Labneh

Lactose-free Labneh

200 gr
Lactose-free Low Fat Soft Feta Cheese

Lactose-free Low Fat Soft Feta Cheese

500 gr
Low-Fat Sliced Lactose-free White Cheese

Low-Fat Sliced Lactose-free White Cheese

420 gr

The products do not contain gluten.

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